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What’s going on in my writing life

Extremely Short Update.

1. School. 2. School. 3. Warbaron.

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The Arena 100% done (the first draft, at least)…

UPDATE: “The Arena”, aka “Footfalls of Power” is now done. At least the first draft.   So now if anyone wants to trudge through forty thousand words of blood, sweat, and tears (not really) they can. I plan to edit … Continue reading

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I’m published again and an Update

Update! I have passed 50K on my novel. It’ll take about 60-70K to finish it, which I hope to finish by the 30th. More than likely though, especially with my main word war competitor out of the picture, I won’t … Continue reading

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Update and Warbaron Excerpt #3

Well, I am at about 45 thousand words. My goal is to make it to 50K by tomorrow night. We’ll see how that works out. Anyway, here’s another excerpt. It’s sort of a cliffhanger. And if you haven’t guessed, Head … Continue reading

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Hey, well, NaNo has began. I type the first words onto my new novel. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to blog, but here’s part of what I wrote today. I learned something. When you don’t know how … Continue reading

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Footfalls of Power/Arena at 98%

Well, it’s about a month later. I am now at about 38,000 words for my novella and almost to the final scene. I have maybe a week at max before the first draft is finished. Then I have to edit … Continue reading

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Footfalls of Power 50% or more…

My novella, Footfalls of Power (working title), is now about 21,000 words. So that’s halfway done or more. Here’s an except to my non-existent readers (no offense readers)   Day one of Arena week.             Tandika was up before the sun, … Continue reading

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