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I write. I read. I think. I am an aspiring writer, poet, and reader. First I am a writer of fantasy and fiction. Second I am a thinker and a poet. I was born in 1995, and from a young age have wanted to be a writer. I'm making progress. Check out my writing blog at

Extremely Short Update.

1. School. 2. School. 3. Warbaron.

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Creative Contest #11

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Pack: An Announcement

Well, just a quick announcement. I will not be posting on Pack for the next few weeks at least. My family is moving back to the United States, so it’s a bit of a hectic time. I’ll need a few … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Heart

My mind and heart are wandering ones They will never be at peace Destined to live a thousand lives Under a thousand suns   Life and death are mere passages to me One to another a gateway A new journey … Continue reading

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Quotations #20

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Pack, Part 33: Spider’s Web

It came together with speed that only unsatisfied youth can create. Hundreds of young men and women, across all fifty states and beyond, responded to Justin’s call. He hadn’t told the whole truth; just what would be useful to tell. … Continue reading

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Pack, Part 32: Interlude

The plane ride was long—but at least the autopilot functioned. Francisco had kept that much working. As the small plane bucked and jerked in the air currents above the east coast, the two passengers sat in silence. Both were thinking, … Continue reading

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