About Me

I, Brevin Anderson, am a author and poet, and aspire, among other things, to publish my stories and to become a professional author.

I have around thirty short stories and three novels to my name, along with quite a few poems.

I write for The Cracked Pot, an online newspaper written by teens for teens. I also publish short stories and poems of mine on FreshInk, a site for writers to showcase their work.

I am mainly an author of Fantasy, though I have also written a few dystopian stories. Two of my novels are the first of a series: Moonfall of The Story of Eridanus and The Burning of Arkambre of The Era Codices. The third is a collaboration that started as a RPG but turned into a 100 thousand word novel.

I have a third novel halfway finished and another that is about three-fourths of the way done.

What do you think?

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