Creative Contest #11


First off–I’m not judging this contest. Lalaithiel is.
Second off–I’m going to try and enter this contest.
Third off–So is Josiah.
Fourth off–I can’t let him beat me.
Now the part you’re interested in.
As you know, I try to think of new ways to present topics for people to write about. Here’s my latest.
Watch this YouTube video ( and write a story based on anything you got out of it–whether the song, setting, story, lyrics, style of music…whatever you want. The word limit, for Lalaithiel’s sake, is 1500, but feel free to be anywhere below that. 150 is fine, if you can be that succinct.
Lalaithiel will be judging on Word Choice, Style, and Interestingness. You will not get points for following the music video or song (don’t just copy the story…give it your own twist) but you can get points subtracted if you’re way off topic. So if…

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About bandersontps

I write. I read. I think. I am an aspiring writer, poet, and reader. First I am a writer of fantasy and fiction. Second I am a thinker and a poet. I was born in 1995, and from a young age have wanted to be a writer. I'm making progress. Check out my writing blog at
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