Pack: the Serial Story Pitch

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, seizures, and blackouts have been a part of Justin Kobe’s life for a year. And they’re only getting worse.

But when he begins dreaming of the future—and predicting it accurately—he knows something is really wrong. Enter the Pack.

For more than two thousand years, since their original split, the two splinter packs have been warring against each other, trying to defeat the other—but each needs a full eight members to work as it should.

With none of their species left to fill the places, the Packs have chosen humans to fill the roles, giving them the abilities and responsibilities of a Pack member—and now it’s Justin’s turn.


About bandersontps

I write. I read. I think. I am an aspiring writer, poet, and reader. First I am a writer of fantasy and fiction. Second I am a thinker and a poet. I was born in 1995, and from a young age have wanted to be a writer. I'm making progress. Check out my writing blog at
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One Response to Pack: the Serial Story Pitch

  1. eeatontps says:

    ooooh I’m looking forward to reading more of this. : )

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