Update and Warbaron Excerpt #3

Well, I am at about 45 thousand words. My goal is to make it to 50K by tomorrow night. We’ll see how that works out. Anyway, here’s another excerpt. It’s sort of a cliffhanger. And if you haven’t guessed, Head of Mech and Rech Marade Meade is a major character in this story.

Marade was at the same time exuberant and horrified at the effectiveness. She was back in the large cockpit beside Tenner. “Amazing what those shells can do. I was afraid of a malfunction, but they seemed to have worked just fine. Three herds in less than less than two hours is far better than anything else I’ve ever heard about.”

One of the cadet’s voices filtered into the cockpit. “We have a straggler, due west! Slow down and I’ll take my shot.”

Tenner did so, angling so he could see the beast out his window. The beast was unusually close to Quarry 7. They were on their way back to the Quarry, their ammunition supply nearly depleted. It was fortunate they had caught this one when they had.

A cadet fired a round, catching the beast in the flank. It toppled over, thrown by the force of the explosion. The cadets cheered.

“I’ll finish it off,” came the voice again. There was the sound of a shell being loaded as everyone paused to see the shot that would end the beast’s life. Quarry 7 was visible ahead, the three Hammer-classes being swarmed as they were loaded with iode almost discernible in the distance.

There was an ominous click. The whole skycraft seemed to freeze for a split second a jet of white flame blossomed outside of Tenner’s windshield. The whole craft, already a poor maneuverer, shooks, tilting to the side as a huge section of it was blown away. There were screams from the gunnery area, and more detonations. Tenner struggled to correct, to hold the craft steady, but Marade leaped forward in the small area of the cockpit, pushing the control stick to speed up the craft.

Tenner barely managed to wrest control back before she rammed the whole craft into a sand dune or hill. “What are you doing!?” he shouted, trying to bring the craft to a stop.

Marade, her eyes wild pointed back through the hatch. “We’re going to lose the whole side of the craft we don’t set down. If the rest of the ammunition goes off, we’ll burn before we hit the ground. We need to get to harnesses. They’ll have damage control equipment. We can’t crash here or we’ll be burned alive!”

*Gasp* What will our heroes do? See the exciting conclusion next time on, “Corny Cliffhangers!”

I’m not showing the end of that scene. You have to read the novel to find that out.


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2 Responses to Update and Warbaron Excerpt #3

  1. Stephenk says:

    From what I’ve seen, this is looking really good. Each excerpt has shown a separate aspect of the story. It seems to have character, plot development, and now action. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Tal says:

    Brev – nice work once again. Generally it is good though I think this is a bit rougher than what I’ve read earlier. Definitely could use some editing. I will look forward to reading the finished novel. Assuming it will be in stores in time for Christmas?
    – Dad

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